Peter Cameron's picture gallery

These are pictures of my mathematical family. My real family are here.

August 2007

My current and former students and my supervisor, Ambleside, 2007

August 2007

My mathematical siblings, father, aunt and uncles, Ambleside, 2007

June 1999

Socrates summer school, June 1999
(more pictures here)

January 2000

Adelaide, January 2000
Tim Penttila, me, Nicholas Hamilton, Maska Law
April 2000 July 2000
Rome, April 2000
Francesca Merola, me, Daniele Gewurz
Isle of Thorns, July 2000

December 2000

With my students and postdocs, December 2000:
Back row me, Michael Giudici, Ross Applegate, Colva Roney-Dougal
Front row Cristy Alejandro, Sam Tarzi, Fuad Shareef, Carrie Rutherford

HomHom team

The HomHom team [no, not ents!], Prague, July 2006: Me, Debbie Lockett, Jarik Nesetril

Beals, Babai, Cameron

With Bob Beals and Laci Babai at Laci's birthday conference

Eric Lander Dugald Macpherson Thomas Bending
Eric Lander Dugald Macpherson Thomas Bending

Graduation 2007

Graduation, July 2007 (thanks to Tarana Syed)
22 July 2010